Presidents Corner

We are not only giving you Diplomas, because Graduation is not all about Diplomas. We are dispatching you to the world, where there is chaos, confusion, corruption, and illiteracy in the Pulpit because of the absence of Theology and Doctrine. Impact the World, where Religious Freedom is being curtailed and discriminated. We are dispatching you the work, where exposition of God’s Word is the goal and show its application. Engaging in exposition is not an option, it is not an idea, it is an absolute necessity for the health of God’s work. You are called to a Christ centered, text driven, Spirit led preaching that transform lives.

The Pastor is a Guardian of truth- doctrine. The doctrine is an absolute foundation of everything. The Pastor is a theologian of the Church. The Church understands theology from the Pastor. He is the master of the Scriptures.

The reason for this, is because there is a doctrinal anemia that is going on today. Many Pastors abandoned their doctrine, abandoned their being a theologian and substituted it with success and scholarship. They substituted it with results. The Pastor is a Biblical Heavy Weight contender. He must multiply as a Pastor- theologian.

We are not defined by society, environment, culture, nor we allow ourselves to be defined by them, but instead, we are defined by God and His Word. People today are worshiping the undefined  Christ. Many preachers reduced, lower down their doctrinal teaching to gain more converts and to gain more supporters.

In 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 it says, “My Grace is Sufficient”. Grace is 150 times used in the N.T., it means “a favor bestowed to a person”, it is God’s designed favor to those who deserves wrath, (we call that salvational grace).

This is a surpassing grace in verse 6, “grace upon grace”. Superlative way of surpassing the riches of His grace.

Christians are in Him and because we are in Him, we are full of His grace, we stand in His grace, we have the multifaceted grace, we have the enough sufficient grace, we receive grace after grace, it is the source of Grace and He dispenses grace.

We have plenty of grace in our service, we have plenty of grace in our suffering, we plenty of grace in our suffering, we have plenty of grace in enduring temptations, and we have plenty of grace to met all our needs.

The Operation Jabez building is an example, a clear cut manifestation of God’s sufficient grace, God’s surpassing grace that He dispenses in a superlative way. The Operation Jabez building is a clear-cut example, a clear cut manifestation of God’s available grace, God’s abundant grace that He dispenses in an All-mighty way.

Psalm 133:1-3 says, “BEHOLD”. It addresses our attention. “An urge to maintain unity”, a blessed virtue, true unity is a reflection of God Himself. And the next verses says, “How good and pleasant’, the words “good and pleasant” are adjectives that describes true unity. True unity is both good and pleasant to God. True unity is good and pleasant to those who achieve it. True unity leads to prosperity. Note: It is better to live in the desert than to have disunity.

The challenge of the times, the condition  of the world and the character of mankind compel us to be faithful in doing the ministry God has entrusted to us.

Continue to be our partners in your prayers and upholding the ministry of BFBS.

May this website give glory to His name and for the furtherance of the Gospel.

I remain…

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