The applicant must. . .

  • Show that he has definitely accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and has been living for Him at least one year before application.
  • Be a member of good standing, actively participating in the activities of any one of our local churches, and must be recommended by his church pastor.
  • Be a high school graduate (except for those enrolled in the BID). They must be able to communicate in and understand English, since this is the medium of instruction.


The applicant must. . .

Fill out an application form and send it to the Registrar along with the requirements:

  • A written personal testimony
  • A church recommendation signed by the Pastor, Church Secretary and the Chairman of the Board of Deacons.
  • 1 pc. 1×1 colored ID picture.
  • Copy of the high school card for high school graduates, the Transcript of Records and honorable dismissal for college graduates and transferees.

All applications must be sent not later than the first week of June, 2013. Registration days are June 4 & 5, 2013. Be ready for a personal interview.


Each student will be assigned a bed in their respective dorms. He must provide his own complete beddings. The Bukidnon Seminary dress code for school days is a navy blue skirt and yellow blouse for women and off-white barong and black pants for men.


Each student should be prepared to pay 1/3 of total school fees or at least not less than Php upon enrolment.

Tuition (P 150/unit) 18-21 units                                                  P 3,150.00

Dormitory (P 400/mo.)                                                                  P 2,000.00

Registration Fee                                                                                  P 100.00

Student Activity Fee                                                                         P 150.00

Library Fee                                                                                           P 100.00

Publication Fee                                                                                   P 50.00

Accidental Insurance                                                                       P 40.00

Medical Fee (for new students)                                                    P 390.00

Student ID                                                                                             P 100.00

Others                                                                                              __  P 200.00__

TOTAL                                                                          P 6,280.00

Dining Common                                                         P   400.00

Additional Fees: (2nd Semester)

Graduation Fee for graduating students                                  P   500.00

DVBS                                                                                                       P   600.00

Glimpse                                                                                                   P   150.00

Note: Late registration fine

(P 150 first day, additional P50/day)


Academic and work scholarships are available to those who apply and are qualified. The faculty decides who the recipients of the scholarship. The Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary continues to challenge the dedicated and concerned Christians to invest their support of the school and the needy.

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