Academic Guidelines


Only students with exam permits are allowed to take the scheduled exams. A one-week allowance will be given to those who failed to take the exam and a 10-point deduction from their raw scores. An exam permit is still required to take on the prescribed week. The students are advised to settle their INC during the semester or else they will be given a failing grade for the particular subject.


  1. Guidelines for Scholarship Grants:
    1. Students who have maintained a GPA of 2.0 and above is qualified.
    2. Students who show spiritual maturity is dealing with fellow students and teachers. Christian character and conduct must be evident. A scholar must not exceed 6 demerits for it can be a ground of revocation of his scholarship upon the recommendation of the respective Deans.
    3. Students’ financial needs shall also be a consideration.
    4. Students must have at least one year (two successive semesters) residency in the Seminary.
    5. Students who have commendable performance in their practical work.
    6. The scholarship committee will recommend the revocation of grants to the Administration on the grounds of non-compliance to the guidelines.
    7. In case of revocation of scholarship, the scholar is required to pay only the remaining balance of his school fees effective on the date of the termination of his scholarship grant.
    8. Excess amount from a scholarship grant will be turned over to the scholarship fund.
    9. The recognition of outstanding students from the second and third year levels will be done during the Tribute to Parents.


  1. Students with failing grades should not be allowed to graduate.
  2. The Faculty should submit the grades of the first semester before the enrollment of the second semester so that the Registrar and the Academic Dean could assess their standing and inform the students with their failing grades.

Note: Most of the faculties use this type of grading system;

15% Quizzes

20% Paperwork’s (Assignments, Projects, Notebook, Written Report)

15% Attendance & Class Participation

20% Prelim & Midterm Exams

30% Final Exams



Students who are absent during the first day of classes will be given 2 absences and 1 absence thereafter.


The Faculty should use the students’ full and real name during classes and not by their nicknames or pseudonym.

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