Who We Are

               Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary is a Bible School established for the purpose of training Christian young people for Christian service, particularly those from the churches affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches of the Philippines. Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary was founded for the purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ by providing specialized courses majoring in the Word of God, the Bible, and related courses important in Christian service.

                Training for Christian service of Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary involves, first, preparation for effective daily Christian living especially in this day when shallow, careless living endangers the testimony of the Lord. Secondly, training for Christian Service at Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary is directed primarily to prepare those men and women who are definitely called of God for the Christian ministry. Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary seeks to maintain high scholastic standards and is constantly exploring ways and means of improving the quality of its educational methods within the scope of its stated purpose.

                Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary seeks quality rather than quantity in its student body in order that it may provide the best possible Christian workers for AFBCP, in keeping with its reputation established over, more than 50 years in the field of Christian education.

                Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary is privileged to carry the name Baptist, thus identifying itself with historic Baptist distinctive, practice and legacy. The great fundamental Bible truths taught and suffered for by Baptists receive emphasis at Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary.

                It is further the aim and purpose of Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary to provide practical experience for life and testimony through campus activities, Christian counseling and related practice in teaching, preaching, worship and witnessing.


To be Biblically anchored, Christ-Centered and Spirit-filled Institution committed to help fulfill the Great Commission.


To train and develop spiritual leaders who have the passion for bringing the gospel to the unreached through local and global evangelization.


  1. To equip the students with basic knowledge of the Scriptures.
  2. To develop the skills of the students to become competent ministers.
  3. To train the students in Biblical values to become an effective disciple of Christ.

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