60th Seminary Address

Today, we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of God’s blessing. Since the seminary was founded we experienced God’s bountiful goodness and faithfulness. BFBS is committed to its mission and ministry: To train workers for the lost, to train and teach those men and women who are called by the Lord, to be biblically anchored, Spirit filled institution committed to help fulfill the Great Commission.

As the head of this Seminary, I want to be faithful than familiar, I want to be successful, I want to finish well, I want the approval of God than the applause of men.

As the steward of this Institution, I am committed to excellence; I want to build a culture of excellence. Culture of excellence that will set apart, as the leader among our peers, the first among the equals and the best among the best.

As the leader of this Great School, I want our product to be driven by excellence. Excellence is not all about grades. It is not a quest for superiority nor to impress others. It is application of what one learns in actual life. It is choosing the best. It is doing the best we can for the glory of God.  It is walking the extra mile and putting our heart in the right place.

As the chosen vessel for this Ministry, I want to honor our past, to celebrate the present and to build the future. I want to build and rise for the future of BFBS.   This simply means that we have many rivers to cross, more mountains to climb, fights to be won, victories to claim, buildings to erect and to improve.

To the alumni of this institution, Pastors and Workers, church members, seminary students, prayer partners and supporters, rally behind me, in my dreams and outmost desire here at BFBS.

If by chance, there is anyone who doubted my sincerity and my motive. I thank you for making me watch my step. I thank you for constantly making me weigh my decisions. This is not the time of showing our differences but a time of solidarity, blending our hearts, meeting of the mind for one common goal and for one common cause!

To those people who trust me – Thank you!

To those people who believe in me – I salute you!

To those who encourage me – I commend you!

Give BFBS the chance!!

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